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Join us for Tuesday Steak Night

Black Rock Grill

The Black Rock Grill is a unique, delicious, healthy interactive dining experience that allows your meal to be presented cooking on the volcanic rocks at your table. You can enjoy a meal freshly prepared and cook it to your personal taste whether it’s rare, medium or well done. The Black Rock Grill method of dining uses super heated rock that sears in all the natural juices, flavours and nutrients.

All our produce is trimmed of fat and no oils are used in the cooking process. This guarantees a taste that is unique to Black Rock Grill dining.

For the perfect Black Rock Grill experience, simply cut one or two bite size portions off your chosen meal and lay them on the rock to sear and cook to your liking. Please ensure that poultry is cooked right the way through.

We want you to enjoy your meal so please don’t touch the rock, it’s extremely hot! If you need any further assistance please don’t hesitate to ask a member of staff.

Black Rock Grill